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  • May 2010
    M T W T F S S
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Going Postal – in my head

The consequence of being non-confrontational and a tad anti-social is, I tend to bottle up a lot of irritation.  I suppose that could be a bad thing.  Maybe one day all the irritation is going to boil over and I’ll actually go off on someone.  Most likely, though, I’ll just bitch about stuff to my friends and family.  Oh, and blog about it.  And post on Facebook.  And Twitter.


So, about bottling things up… I never know what to do (who am I kidding, I won’t do anything) about my neighbors.  In general, as people, they seem pretty nice.  They just have this obnoxious tendency to play their music very loudly.  They also tend to do it around 11pm.  So just as I’m winding down for the evening, and I’m feeling secure that my kids are not going to wake up wanting more water, more hugs, more potty, or more crack (because I know they give my kids crack at daycare…it’s the only way to explain their behavior), that is when the thumping starts.

Perhaps I’d be less grouchy about it if my neighbors played music I like.  But I’m fairly certain the music they play has no words.  It’s just a thump, thump, thump with some music attached to it.  It might be jazz.  It might be easy listening, for all I know.  The only time I ever caught any of the melody was the time they played Smokey Robinson.  Gag.

My friends give me great suggestions.  Call the cops and complain.  There are noise ordinances, you know!  Knock on their door and ask them to turn it down.  Um. Yeah, both of those activities would require me to interact with people in an unpleasant manner.  I don’t want the cops to think of me as one of those annoying people who complains about everything.  And I don’t want to piss off my neighbors, since they are in close proximity to my only vehicle on a daily basis.

One night I swear I’m going to go off.  I’m going to beat the hell out of their door and ask them why the hell they think it’s appropriate to play their music that loud at the hour.  I’m going to call the cops and tell them these people are violating noise ordinances all over the place and if something isn’t done about it there’ll be hell to pay.  I swear all of that is going to happen.  In my head.


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